Our experience and expertise lend themselves to accomplishing your creative and business goals

For over 6 years, TULABYTE SOLUTIONS has been the source for some of the most outstanding websites, mobile and web applications available today on the World Wide Web. We build solutions that lead their industry and remain at the top for a long time.
Solving problems is all about asking the right questions. At tulaByte, we enjoy this question-asking, problem-solving process! We work with you throughout the design/development cycle to ensure finished applications leave you satisfied.
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Our team of skilled, committed people embody our solution-addiction.
They don't stop until you're satisfied!

Yemi Adetula

CEO/Director of Software Development

Yemi has been writing code for over 10 years and doesn't intend to stop anytime soon! His passion and (somewhat telephatic) ability to read requirements and deduce the perfect-fit solution sets him above peers.

He brings to bear a strong background, valuable experience and top-notch technical ability to steer Tulabyte towards taking a leading position in creating solutions that will drive the Future of Africa
Whether you think you can or you think you can't, you are right - Henry Ford

Oluwasegun Kesington

Senior Software Engineer

Segun specializes in Web Development and has advanced skills in PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, BOOTSTRAP, AngularJs, Laravel and Javascript with over two years’ work experience.

He loves solving analytical problems and impacting knowledge. He is a fitness enthusiast and he also likes playing football, chess and video games during his leisure time.
Be a better version of you - Donkovah

Ruth Ndukwe

App Developer

Ruth has the passion for writing code to solve problems. Her passion and excitement for solving problems using her programming skills gives her a remarkable edge that greatly impacts on our ability to keep surpassing our goals.

Comfort Adetula

Head, Corporate Services

Comfort’s Personnel Management, Sales, Marketing and Administrative prowess cuts neatly through our awesome geekiness. She provides the backbone for building a great brand and healthy work culture.

Modupe Alao-Sanni

App Developer

Modupe, our very own 'Ada Lovelace' is a proficient developer and an ardent problem-solver who is committed to making things work. She is known for her pliability even as the IT industry evolves.

John Ajayi

UI/UX Designer

John, a graphics designer and web developer, has designed graphical palettes & logos for companies, organizations, churches etc. Creativity is his concept of mind and innovation his purpose of living.